The Inspiration behind Math Doctor

by Cheryl L. Avila, PhD

Math Doctor began in 2013 as I was finishing my doctorate of Mathematics Education at the University of Central Florida. I was looking for a way to use the knowledge and experience I had attained over the past 20 plus years to provide a service to individuals that struggle with mathematics. Although I enjoy working with school-aged students, I did not want to focus solely on those that were in school. For as long as I can remember, my mother wanted to be an elementary school teacher, and I know that if given the opportunity she would have been an excellent teacher.

Unfortunately, the degree required passing a class in College Algebra. When my mother went to high school, there was not a requirement to take Algebra, especially if you were not going straight to college. My mom knew she couldn’t afford college at the time, so did not take it. It was many years and three kids later when she when she could afford to go back to college, but struggled with the mathematics. She attempted College Algebra many times, but never with any luck. She always thought it was quite ironic that her daughter would get multiple degrees in Mathematics.

While I was at UCF, my mother passed away. She never became a teacher and I believe the major reason was because of her fear of mathematics. When I decided to start a business, I wanted to create a “safe space” for children and adults, especially those that are not able to fulfill their passion because of mathematics. During the evaluation process that all individuals go through at Math Doctor, I ask about the student’s goals and desires for the future. If fulfilling that dream includes passing a math class, I want to help! My passion, besides mathematics, is to help others in fulfilling their dreams.

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